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    Problem Statement 

    A FMCG company reached out to us for solutions to:  
    • Client had multiple systems within their infrastructure for different purposes and was maintaining CRM, financial software, and SAP for Procurement.  
    • Their multiple manual processes like employee boarding, ticket allocation, payment, and procurement was causing immense human error and led to a tedious workflow, increased overhead cost and decreased efficiency. 
    • There were delays in delivery processes that were seriously impacting the company’s customer experience and overall reputation. 
    • There was a lack of automation and the client was facing problems while connecting to courier partners. 

     Solution Proposed 

    Eshia proposed the following approach to overcome the existing problems: 
    • We implemented the Pubsub Model Architect (evolved from API-led connectivity) to make sure that customer experience remains unaffected even if the system is down. 
    • We provided an architecture solution that connected all systems and integrated them to SAP. 
    • We created a number of APIs to maximize smooth communication for transactional means. 
    • Finally, we connected their system with a banking system to automate transactions.  

    Business Impact 

    Our solutions and approach overcame the existing problems of our client and ensured the following: 
    • Our approach delivered enhanced automation capabilities that reduced manual work and human errors.  
    • With our architecture solution, we made reporting easy, effective, and effortless.  
    • We enabled forecasting by integrating SAP, Power BI, and Tableau. 
    • Customer experience has considerably improved.  
    • Our client is now capable of introducing new technology and functionality without impacting customer experience. 
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