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    Problem Statement 

    A facility management company reached out to us for solutions to: 
    • Our client lacked any integration between IoT devices and the central system (MDM).  
    • They were facing communication issues between the central system and IoT readings in user preferred devices. 

    Solution Proposed  

    Eshia proposed the following approach to overcome the existing problems: 
    • We designed a central database for our client.  
    • We created an API to capture reading from the devices and store them in the database. 
    • We developed a user dashboard so that the user can monitor the reading, generate alerts or schedule as per their requirements.  
    • We provided an alert notification system to notify about theft and added accessibility to create our own custom notification.  
    • We created an admin portal that keeps track of and maintains devices. 

    Business Impact 

    Our solutions and approach overcame the existing problems of our client and ensured the following: 
    • Communication between the IoT devices is successfully running.  
    • Our client now has an integrated platform that offers them seamless control over the IoT readings and the database. 
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