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    Problem statement 

    A manufacturing enterprise reached out to us for solutions to: 
    • Our client was facing difficulty in procurement requisition due to multiple systems and unavailability of on-time reports of current raw materials.  
    • The processes for engineer requests, finance approval, and delivery was not smooth.  
    • There were poor operational efficiency as multiple departments involved were using their own applications.  
    • Integrating these applications with procurement requisition software like SAP was necessary.  
    • Our client needed integrated solutions for inventory management (for tracking & reporting, and visualization dashboards) and distribution & vendor management (including logistics). 

    Solution Proposed  

    Eshia proposed the following approach to overcome the existing problems: 
    • We designed an API connectivity approach to integrate all the systems using MuleSoft. 
    • We created various process APIs, system APIs and experience APIs for procurement management, logistics, inventory, payment management, and vendor management.  
    • We provided our client with reusable components which can enable them to create new applications/systems rapidly and help in expansion.  
    • We designed the entire enterprise architecture focusing on re-usability and scalability, and developed every module as flexible so that future expansion is smooth.  
    • We integrated CDC to ensure easy back up of all the data in case of any critical circumstances.  

    Business Impact 

    Our solutions and approach overcame the existing problems of our client and ensured the following: 
    • Better visualization and monitoring has enables our client to make better data driven decisions. 
    • Seamless production line has led to enhanced operational efficiency. 
    • Scalability has become easier for our client with our expansion-friendly system.  
    • The development time is now by 40% due to Mulesoft integration.  
    • Cloud migration has led to zero down time, improved customer experience, and made processes smoother and more efficient for the internal team. 
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