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    Problem Statement

    A telecom company reached out to us for solutions to:
    1. Client had multiple verticals with in the firm, for which they were maintaining multiple instances of CRM, Databases & applications.  Which was becoming an overhead to maintain & enhance.
    2. There were multiple duplicate data which were maintained across the systems.
    3. All the previous solution was hoisted on on-Premise network.

    Our Approach

    1. As a first step from migrating from on prem to cloud we have migrated the data from on prem to cloud using batch APIs
    2. We have provided a 3 layered architecture solution based on MuleSoft best practice to seamlessly connect multiple application present on cloud and on premise.
    3. We have created a reusable system, process and experience APIs to provide loose coupling and enable client to bring the changes within the system rapidly.
    4. We were involved in finalizing the security of APIs and systems to protect it from all external as well as internal attacks and leveraging the power of Anypoint Platform we have deployed those APIs to cloud hub which provide single solution to monitor all the Application at one place
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