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    Anypoint JMS Connector with MuleSoft

    September 23, 2022    7:10 pm Author Name: Anuradha Vyas JMS Connector refers to as “Java Message Service”. It enables sending and receiving of message for any message service based on JMS specification. It is a highly used API for message-oriented middleware. It enables one-to-one connection and one-to- many connections. JMS allows the communication between various […]

    Cloudhub 2:0

    High level Capabilities and Features of Anypoint Cloudhub 2.0

    September 21, 2022    4:26 pm Author Name: Anuradha Vyas MuleSoft® successfully launched CloudHub 2.0, which will ease the developer experience for deploying and operating applications in containerized environments based on Kubernetes. What is Anypoint Cloudhub 2.0? It is a fully managed, containerized integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for installation and execution of the MuleSoft […]

    API Security with MuleSoft

    API Security with MuleSoft®

    September 08, 2022    5:02 pm Author Name: Anuradha Vyas API security is a major concern for the IT industry because API attacks are increasing as businesses transition to digital modes of operation. MuleSoft® provides reliable security measures to APIs with various policies such as OAuth, JWT, Anypoint Flex Gateway and many more. Among them, Anypoint […]


    Unleash the MuleSoft Accelerator for FinTech

    August 30, 2022    12:54 am Author Name: Anuradha Vyas Several financial services companies are developing and improving their web portals and mobile applications for their clients and business partners. Leading international banks utilize customized software for safe transfers between institutions in their corporate offices. Financial services organizations employ applications for everything from internet and […]


    The utility of DataWeave libraries in MuleSoft

    April 15, 2022     10:02 am Author Name: Sangeet Gupta As the business challenges increase, it becomes necessary to become data-driven to help make better decisions. The need for integration between the incumbent becomes essential, facilitated by MuleSoft. The platform allows businesses in using pre-built APIs and connectors that help in faster turnaround for integration […]

    What is RAML in Mulesoft

    What is RAML in MuleSoft?

    June 23, 2021     10:44 am Author Name: Saurabh Pancholi API seems to be the buzzword in IT where business modernization is concerned and for all the good reasons. APIs bring a lot of advantages with themselves, including flexibility and adaptability to diversified customer demands. Using RAML to create APIs takes the game to a […]

    What is MuleSoft and Why it is the future of Integration

    What is MuleSoft and why it is the future of integration?

    March 22, 2021  3:47 pm Author Name: Varun Pal The increasing numbers of APIs and SaaS-based applications have shifted the focus from ESB-led connectivity to API-led connectivity. In such a characterized integration diaspora, MuleSoft has emerged as the go-to solution for enterprises of different shapes and sizes across the globe. The cutting-edge MuleSoft Architecture has […]

    How MuleSoft is helping companies with Enterprise Data Integration at the age of Industry 4.0 by Eshia Solutions

    How MuleSoft is helping companies with enterprise data integration at the age of industry 4.0?

    April 04, 2021  10:03 am Author Name: Aashil Shah With digital transformation being the order of the day, businesses need to select the right platform for enterprise data integration. Why? Because companies need to tie every aspect and component of their organization together to maximize the use of their existing data assets and ensure seamless […]

    financial industry

    How the financial industry is leveraging MuleSoft & its API led connectivity approach for its digital transformation

    January 18, 2022     5:16 pm Author Name: Jaspreet Chawla To match up with the growing customer expectations and create an exclusive user experience financial institutions and banks have to keep on increasing their service offerings to the users which in turn leads to the increase in the number of new applications and database.   To […]

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