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    December 03, 2021  11:15 am

    Author Name: Saurabh Pancholi

    Salesforce is a kind of cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Software that allows companies to help improve business processes. Whether it is about marketing, services, or sales, SharePoint will help do so. 

    Salesforce has several advanced features, but there are a few disadvantages as well. There is no need to compromise with the platform and solutions that one has developed with time. One of the major advantages is to help manage documents, and that is why the integration of salesforce and SharePoint should be done. 

    What is salesforce?

    Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company that has its headquarter in San Francisco, California. It helps provide customer relationship management service and applications based on automation, analytics, application development, and customer care. 

    What is a SharePoint?

    Sharepoint helps create websites. One can use it to share, access, and even organize information on any device. All that one needs is Internet Explorer, Chrome, or firefox. Sharepoint allows all the web-based space where users can upload documents so that it is easier to share with others at any time and anywhere. One can send links to documents or even collaborate with other spaces as it can be sent via email while making it easy for users to be directed to the right place. 

    Here, we will take a look at the different benefits of integrating Salesforce and SharePoint. Let us take a look at the step-by-step process that will help carry out the process. 

    Real-time availability –

    One will have access to all the contents and that too in real-time. One can easily synchronize with SharePoint. 

    Reduced Costs –

    One can store content in salesforce. However, it is far more costly than storing the same piece of content in SharePoint. It is easy to integrate Sharepoint with salesforce as it is less costly and helps in storing content. 

    Size won’t be a problem –

    Salesforce cannot store files of greater size. SharePoint can store files of 50 MB or even larger file sizes. It is possible to integrate two different systems as it would eliminate these constraints. 

    View all files at once –

    Sharepoint allows easier file management. The process of hierarchies is easy to offer file management. It is easy to view and manage all the files with the help of the salesforce interface. 

    File versioning of documents –

    Sharepoint can easily manage different files that originate in salesforce, which gives you even more control. Documentation is easier and makes its way to clients’ and partners’ hands through the SharePoint platform. 

    Helps increase efficiency –

    An integration of SharePoint with salesforce users can easily have a wonderful UI/UX as they will interact with an account, opportunity contact, and even project pages. 

    Improved Security –

    Those organizations that integrate SharePoint and salesforce can change the access controls as per requirement. This will ensure that users can view only the SharePoint hosted content that their credentials will allow them to see, and that too is more than allowing those with salesforce access. This is mainly to help gain access to all kinds of documents. 

    Integration of salesforce with SharePoint

    It is possible to integrate SharePoint and salespoint using many tools that come with salesforce. The File Connect of salesforce will help do so. This will work with SharePoint online. The integration process of SharePoint and salesforce will allow access to SharePoint files through the Files tab and the feed. One can search for these files similarly to searching for salesforce content. However, the file must be present in SharePoint. It might not be helpful for users if they are already in use with salesforce but not much in SharePoint.  


    One may not want to store any financial and client-related files in different cloud-based platforms. You need to know where the data is stored and who accesses it. You need to store documents with personal information on-premises. One can go through the official documentation to know more about the process. 



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