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    5 Customers Benefits for API-LED Connectivity

    July 07, 2021     03:11 pm

    Author Name: Akash Limbachiya

    API and API-led Connectivity are slightly different; let’s understand the meaning of API-led Connectivity. API is a short form for Application Programming Interface that allows two applications to talk with each other simultaneously. Let’s clear up the air with an example. Suppose you are using Twitter on your device and at the same time checking up on Facebook(now Meta); during this time, API is used because it allows two applications to talk to each other at the same time.

    This Connectivity turns every application, asset, or process into reusable building blocks. These days, especially after the pandemic, the use of API-LED Connectivity has increased more than ever before. Many organizations/companies are moving towards the API-LED approach for their benefits and growth. API-led Connectivity helps in connecting all the data and systems in one central location so that the team or organization can access all the data in one place. What’s more, the API-led approach increases innovation and competitive analysis.

    Now let’s shed some light on what are the benefits of API-LED Connectivity to customers:

    1) Increase Productivity:

    As research suggests, in API-LED connectivity, logic is filtered in its constituent parts; this leads to the advantage of using logic again and again across different applications. When the same logic is reused, it increases productivity, prevents duplication, and gives permission to developers to build on their work. 

    2) Launch New Project Faster:

    When the API-led Connectivity is reused, it helps in launching any project faster. For example, if a company wants to launch some new products, they’ll collect customers’ data like order status and any other previously held data in various silos. The core advantage leads to other advantages like the API developed previously can be as many times as one wishes to. 

    3) Innovation in Customer’s Experience:

    Since the API-led Connectivity was developed, there has been a 30% increase in customer onboarding, leading to decreasing developmental efforts, times, and cost. It is like a circle. If a company benefits from API-led Connectivity, its customers also benefit from the same because data of customers is used again and again, and as soon as something new develops, the same customers are the first to know about it.

    4) Customers are given the Highest Priority:

    Companies use APIs to take the views of customers and their experiences to enhance their features. Customers’ views are given the highest priority during the development of a company’s new features, especially on e-commerce websites where customer reviews are taken seriously, which leads to enhancing the product. This also means that companies are being loyal to consumers. 

    5) Maintenance and Operational are Reduced:

    The company uses APIs to build an electronic data interchange solution connected to different organizations’ systems and puts every data in a single view. As API-led Connectivity reuses all the data, it reduces Operational costs, which reduces maintenance costs. This all leads to customers’ advantage in turn because when companies use data to enhance their features, they basically the views of customers and indirectly features are enhanced by customers as their views are taken into consideration.

    Ending Note

    These are some benefits of API-led Connectivity to customers. These all benefits have one thing in common: if a company/organization benefits, then consumers of that company also benefit. What’s more, since pandemic, customers have increased in e-commerce because of which all the e-commerce companies are enhancing their features, which in turn helps customers understand better.

    Research shows that nearly 60% of interaction has become digital, which led to pressure on IT teams, but because of APIs, the pressure has been decreased. Now the companies focus on enhancing instead of wasting time. If companies are benefited then so are consumers.


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